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профит 2019

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спорт питание

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The 1st Strict biceps Curl Challenge was completed yesterday 27/10/2019 with enormous success!

It was the first time in our country that such a big strict curl event was held, recording a great participations record
24 athletes competed with a very high level of performance, many of which were of the Candidate for Master of Sport, Master of Sport and Master of Sport International Class.

It proved worthwhile that all athletes eventually had ''Biceps of Steel ''
Congratulations to all the participants for their great efforts!
There were 3 bodyweight categories for men: -90kg, -110kg and +110kg
The age category was open.

11 athletes participated in the -90kg category, 6 in the -110kg category and 7 in the +110kg category.
We had 8 performances of master of Candidate for Master of Sport, 3 of Master of Sport and 1 of Master of Sport International Class performances!
We would like to thank mr. Djabar Bogzhanov for giving us the representation of the I.P.A.F. and the opportunity to organize a beautiful strength event in our country!
We hope next time the Strict biceps Curl Challenge we will organize will have even more participations and even higher class performances!

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